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Dedicated Entry
Medium Computing Power

  • 2 GB RAM 1x 2 GB DDR3
  • Xeon E3-1230 4x 2,4 GHz
  • 250 GB HDD 1x 250 GB SATA
  • 1000 GB Premium Traffic
  • No Setup Fee(For one year Payment)
  • 1000 MBit Port
  • Enterprise Supermicro Hardware
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
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Dedicated Highend
High Computing Power

  • 16 GB RAM 4x 4 GB ECC
  • Dual Xeon E5-2620 8x 2,8 GHz
  • 600 GB RAID 10 4x 300 GB SAS 10000 RPM
  • 2 TB Premium Traffic
  • No Setup Fee(For one year Payment)
  • 1000 MBit Port
  • Enterprise Supermicro Hardware
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
monthly or $4600 yearly
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Enterprise Hardware

We use all enterprise Hardwares from Super Micro and HP. We have SLA for all Hardware equipments and parts to ensure high availability and uptime for our servers. All servers are protected with both software and Hardware firewall and under 24x7 surveillance and monitoring

24x7 Support

We offer 24x7 Telephonic / Email support for your vps hosting depends on the plan you opt. Customers have access to Level-1, Level-2 and Level-3 Engineers as per the seriousness of the issue. We also offer Managed hosting service where you can leave the hassle of the server administration to our team on a small additional payment per month

Control Panel

Our VPS are preloaded with Industry leading Control Panels. Depends on the plan you select, you have the option to opt different control panels. Currently we offer Cpanel / Plesk / Kloxo. If you need any customization or want to install any additional software's, you can contact our support team (support@indiavpshosting.com).

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